Well Damn! Talk about reinventing oneself….

Well Damn! Talk about reinventing oneself….

I’ve always thought Karrueche was a beautiful girl. But there are a lot of beautiful girls out there. Karrueche is the sweet, cheated on and finally had enough, ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown.

I guess exposing her authentic and vulnerable self on national TV, in the loving care of Iyanla Vanzant, gave her the strength to pick herself up and stand in her knowing that she was always more than just Chris Browns girlfriend.
We’ve all been there. Somebody did us wrong. Life’s disappointments don’t discriminate. But most of us don’t have to live out the pain in public, humiliated, and under a microscope.

What did she do to deserve this? She fell in love with a man. Yes, he’s is superstar and has certainly had his share of issues, but he’s just growing and trying to find himself like the rest of us. Few of us will ever know what being a superstar really costs.

Now look at her! She has dusted herself off and has emerged a beautiful, radiant, self confident, still wounded, but wiser woman.
It always feels good to show a man who’s misbehaved, exactly what he lost. Whether she slayed to get back at Chris or just to express herself, I applaud Karrueche for affirming her womanhood and becoming all that she desires and deserves to be. She looked incredible at the BET Award Show in her daring new look. I think Karrueche Tran has arrived! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Kudos to her hair stylist, Tokyo Stylez,  make up artist, Hrush Achemyan and wardrobe by Stello Venom.

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