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I’m Now a Pet Person!

I’m Now a Pet Person!

I am officially a Pet person! I NEVER thought I would be. Growing up, my family always had dogs, but I never interacted with them. I was afraid of them. As a kid visiting Lexington, KY, I sat in the backseat of my uncles car, waiting for my parents to come out, and instead, my uncles big black German Sheperd named BLACKIE, came bolting out of the house, straight through the open car door and into my lap, right in my face. Not only did it scare the crap outta me, it scarred me! I grew up walking blocks out of my way just to avoid a neighborhood dog. I have jumped over cars running from dogs. Right after moving to Vegas, a leisurely walk around the neighborhood turned devastating for me when a pit bull came out of nowhere and chased me up onto the bed of someone’s pickup truck. And then, a couple years ago, with my brother ill and my fiancĂ©’ in Hospice, my daughter called and said,”Should I get a dog?” . Without even thinking I answered “Yes”.

Today, I can’t even imagine life without Sake, our Yorkie. He is my road dog! And although he is small, he is protective, he is loving and he is family.

donna d new dog


  • I was never scared but in time I became allergic to animals, But guess what? I am in love with a certain little Chihuahua name June born 03/14/2014 Blonde and beautiful she won my heart over in a day.

    • Lauren-
    • May 6, 2015 at 7:50 pm-
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    I just Love, Love, Love Sake….and Domino. Domino and Sake are sooooo sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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